Pain and Anxiety Management

With virtually painless injections, computerized dental anesthesia, a full menu of amenities and a caring, expert staff, Modern Dentistry is the premier Brooklyn Dentistry specializing in managing your fear of the dentist.


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“The Wand” Painless Injections

In most cases the pain associated with injections comes from the flow of the anesthetic, as opposed to the insertion of the needle itself. The Wand is a computer-controlled anesthetic distribution system that evenly flows into the system so that only the exact part of the mouth being treated is numbed, and it does it with such accuracy that it is in fact painless. The painless injection system will also not leave you numb and uncomfortable for hours after you leave the office the way ordinary injections do.

Fear and Anxiety Management

Our Dentists and staff at Modern Dentistry understand the fears associated with trips to the dentist – for patients of all ages. We are specially trained to manage patients with dental anxiety so they overcome their fear and have a comfortable and easy experience during their dental treatment! And if you prefer, we even offer sedation dentistry!

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