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Quality Augmentation is No Longer Only For a Select Few.

If you’re looking to reduce those lip lines or you want to improve the overall appearance of your lips than Dr. Lips Lip Augmentation offers you a safe and budget friendly lip augmentation solution.

Dr. Lips is an association of esthetic health care practitioners who believe in providing professional artistic lip augmentation at affordable prices.

Only at Dr. Lips certified providers are you able to choose from a select style of lips that best suit your personality, from licensed professionals who are world-class augmenters. Your Dentists at Modern Dentistry are certified Dr. Lips Providers. In fact, Dr. Robert Gordon the founder of the Dr. Lips (author of Vermillion Dollar Lips and Cupid’s bow) is available here for all your lip and facial augmentation needs!


  • “A System” designed to optimize based on your lips   
  • State of the art methods, diagnosis and treatment
  • Specific placement of FDA approved fillers


No filler waste

Average lip augmentation just – $289!

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What does Dr. Lips stand for?

All “Dr. Lips” providers are certified in a rigorous training program that builds upon their fundamental knowledge of facial esthetics and professional health care qualifications. Together they form a body of practitioners who include cosmetic dentists, cosmetic physicians, dermatologists, gynecologists, ortho/facial, surgeons, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. With our exhaustive wellspring of knowledge, Dr. Lips providers maintain cutting edge techniques and methods, providing you with the ultimate lip augmentation.

But that’s only half the story; Dr. Lips providers are also artists:

The “Lips” represent our focus on the art of the face. Every artist must learn the disciplines that compose a beautiful face, and our lip artists are no exception. For every hour of study of the

science of augmentation our providers receive, there is an equal amount of study of the artistic proportions of the lips and the face. Every woman has a unique lip presentation, and identifying yours is the key to achieving optimal results for your lip augmentation.

Due to the extensive training each Dr. Lips must go through in order to be a certified Dr. Lips, our practitioners are able to offer significantly more to their patients:

Diagnosing and Treatment planning the various lips styles.

Just knowing the lip styles isn’t enough: a lip augmenter must be able to identify the patient’s beginning lip form, and guide the patient into a suitable lip augmentation style. This ensures an optimally aesthetic result that not only looks beautiful, but also compliments the rest of the face.

Technical augmentation.

Through the rigorous study of the science of the lips, including anatomy, histology and tissue reaction, your Dr. Lips is able to augment your lips in a quick and comfortable fashion, reducing or eliminating the pain associated with lip augmentation. Most augmentations can be done in around 10 minutes, and you are back to your daily routine with minimal swelling.

How long will your lip augmentation last?

  • There are numerous factors effecting augmentation longevity:
  • Your body metabolism; everyone’s lips are different.
  • Type of filler being used.
  • Technical placement (it’s important to place in the correct areas of the lips).
  • Quality of filler materials used.

What fillers do you use?

Dr. Lips providers exclusively use FDA approved fillers for the lips, in strict compliance with state regulations and off-label laws. Consult your Dr. Lips to ascertain the specific filler material best for you.

Celebrity Matching

Longing to pull off Angelina Jolie’s Hollywood pout, or Halle Berry’s classic smile? Our lip artists are trained to recognize the planes and proportion of any set of lips they see, allowing us to both identify the signature style you’re looking for, and determine if you have the right lip form to support it. Ask us about your best celebrity matches!

The Six Signature Lip Styles

Dr. Lips’ Signature Lip Styles represent the maximum potential of each lip form. Your starting Lip Form will determine which lip style will fit your look and personality best. The order of preference of beginning lip form is listed with each style.

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