Cosmetic Dentistry in Brooklyn, NY | Crowns and Bridges

Porcelain Crowns done at Modern Dentistry look and feel just like your natural teeth. Our permanent tooth colored crowns are used to:

  • Improves the shape, size or color of teeth
  • Provide strength and protection to damaged teeth
  • Support broken or weak teeth: such as teeth that have has root canal treatment done or those with large filling
  • Provide a smooth, strong, and attractively contoured surface for stained, misshapen or otherwise abnormal teeth
  • Aid in the implantation of bridges and other implants.

If you’re missing one or more teeth, you may notice a difference in chew and speaking, as well as feel uncomfortable by the appearance of missing spaces.

Bridges done at Modern Dentistry are permanent natural-looking tooth replacements that:

  • Fill in the gaps caused by missing teeth
  • Help maintain facial structure
  • Reduce stress on your jaw
  • Looks and feels just like your natural teeth


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