The Facts About Mouth Guards

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A mouth guard can be made of plastic, or a type of laminate material. It helps to protect your teeth, cheeks, tongue, and gums against activity that may injure your mouth.

Types of Mouth Guards to Choose From:

Stock Mouth Guards

These are usually found in sporting goods stores. Due to their stock quality, they make degenerate after prolonged use, and may need to be replaced quickly. Although they are stock quality, they are good to use for work or sports activities when you are in need of a quick mouth guard.

Boil and Bite Mouth Guards

Due to the malleable nature of mouth guards, meaning their flexibility, many of them can actually be boiled to heat up the material and make it more loose. After they cool to body temperature, they are formed to your teeth with pressure, this helps to make a custom bite for your mouth guard. This is an affordable yet custom option for mouth guards.

Vacuum-Formed Mouth Guards

These are done in dental offices. They are custom fit to your mouth, it’s done by taking an impression of your bite and teeth, then the mouth guard is made to fit the impression that was taken. This allows for total comfort and customization. This type of guard is great for longer-term use, and due to it’s comfort, can be a great option for people who need to wear mouth guards every day, especially in cases where you need to wear them for daily work.

With the large variety of occupational hazards to dental health, there are few lines of work that are not at risk of such injuries. A work-related dental injury could happen to just about any employee, and finding a worker’s compensation dentist can be a challenge.

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