How To Help A Child Not Brushing Teeth

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Good habits are taught. As an adult, you may know you need to keep up with your oral hygiene, however, children need that extra push in order to ensure lifelong oral health. Kids can refuse to brush their teeth for a variety of reasons, here’s how to help eradicate bad habits, and instill good ones:

Make a Reward

Providing a reward is a simple way to influence decision making in children. A reward system can be modest, and don’t have to focus on monetary or physical rewards, rather rewards like extra time playing, or extra reading time at night. These rewards can be productive as well.

Make It a Game

Studies show that humans learn best through interactivity. When developing habits in children, turning to games is a natural inclination. Creating healthy habits in a fun ambience can help develop long-lasting positive feelings with the habit. We all know brushing your teeth isn’t exactly the most fun thing to do, but associating it with a game proves to be a great way to get your child brushing.

Give Your Child a Choice

Along with games, and a reward system, children learn by empowerment. Especially as your child matures, they need to able to feel like they have a choice in what they do. Start with education, teach your child how to brush, which way to move the toothbrush inside their mouth, and then empower them to make the choice on how to do it best for themselves. Maybe you want them to brush back to front, but they want to stand on the toilet and brush their teeth, so be it, let them make decisions when it comes to developing good habits.

Figuring out a way to help your child develop good hygiene skills early on in life is absolutely pertinent to the healthy habit developing skills they will need later on in life.

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