Accident Related Dental Injuries in Brooklyn NY

Dental Injuries in Brooklyn

Dental trauma due to active sports like soccer, basketball, and hockey cover a significant portion of accident-related dental injuries in Brooklyn NY. Americans love playing sports and any sports activity can cause traumatic dental injuries. Usually, the initial step with any mouth trauma is consultation and evaluation through X-rays. The ultimate goal for almost type of dental treatment after an accident is to save teeth or to restore what has been damaged. The success of dental procedures on saving or restoring teeth will depend on the hand of your cosmetic dental surgeon.

What are the different types of accident related dental injuries?

  • Broken or Chipped Teeth

According to a survey, broken teeth are the most common dental injury. If you have fractured or chipped teeth, you must see a dentist within twelve hours. Find your detached tooth for it may possible for reattachment using a bonding material.

  • Displaced Teeth

If you have partially displaced teeth out of your jaw and you are experiencing the problem on the alignment, see an oral surgeon within 6 hours right after the accident. You need to have an X-ray to assess the severity of the damage so that your dentist can predict what restorative treatments you need.

  • Knocked-Out Teeth

Once your permanent teeth had been knocked out, you have to get an emergency dental treatment. Find the most reputable dental surgeons on accident-related dental injuries in Brooklyn NY. Your dentist will replant the knocked-out tooth if it is still possible.

  • Soft-Tissue Injuries

Another common accidental related dental injuries caused by sports activities involve damage to the tongue, gums, and soft tissues inside the mouth. Bleeding is the most common issue and seeing a dentist is the best thing to do to prevent inflammation and infection.

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Mouth injuries are experienced by people of all ages which may involve the lips, jaw, teeth, gums, and the roof of the mouth. Sometimes injuries are worst that you expect it. Even a minor injury will make bleed too much because your mouth is full of blood vessels. Immediate dental care is a must most especially if your permanent tooth has been avulsed.

If mouth trauma is not properly addressed, your mouth problem might cause discomfort. Decide to see a doctor at Modern Dentistry to receive exceptional oral care and dental solutions. We have the most reliable dental staff who have been practicing their profession for a long time in New York City. We are known for our thousands of successful surgeries and restorations on different accident-related dental injuries.

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