5 Tips for Avoiding Cavities


Nobody wants cavities! They can be painful and make it difficult to eat certain foods. And as dentists, as much as we like to see you, we’d rather you never have a cavity ever again! So with that in mind, we wanted to provide you with these 5 expert tips for avoiding cavities. But if you find you’ve already got a cavity or you just need a cleaning and you’re looking for a dentist in Brooklyn, please give us a call: (718) 339-6000 or schedule an appointment online: http://moderndentistry.com/contact/

  • Avoid Sports Drinks and Sodas: I know, everyone loves soda. But the fact is that they’re very bad for your teeth. Same goes for sports drinks. The sugar in these types of drinks will erode your teeth enamel, sometimes causing permanent damage. And although some sodas are sugar free, they are still very acidic. If you love your soda pop and sports drinks, please try to drink them in moderation.
  • Don’t Brush Immediately After Snacking: While you might think that brushing after eating a snack is best, you could actually be cause more damage to your teeth than you realize. After snacking, your tooth enamel is at it’s weakest. And brushing can actually cause further damage. Wait at least 20 minutes to brush, and try rinsing your mouth with water.
  • Drink Tap Water, Not Bottled Water: Unlike tap water, bottled water does not contain fluoride. Fluoride can help fight cavities and is commonly found in tap water. Plus you’ll save money by choosing the tap rather than bottles.
  • Choose Meals, Not Snacks: Chewing activates your saliva glands, which will help wash away some of the bacteria that causes cavities. But When you’re snacking you’re only chewing for a limited time, not enough time to produce enough saliva.
  • Make Sure You’re Brushing Right: Brushing wrong can actually cause more damage than not brushing at all. Make sure you’re brushing in small circles, and that you’re using a soft bristle toothbrush.

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