The Worst Foods for Your Teeth and Gums


While it may seem obvious which foods are especially bad for your teeth and gums, you may be surprised by a few of the foods that made the list. If  you find that you frequently enjoy some of the foods listed below, the most important thing is to take preventive measures that will help control some of the damages they could potentially cause. Let’s take a look at some of the worst foods for your gums and teeth:

  • Dried Fruits: If you’re like most people, you might assume dried fruits would be good for your teeth. “It’s fruit, after all.” But dried fruits are high in sugar, and their texture may cause them to stick to your teeth. If you enjoy dried fruits, be sure to rinse your mouth with water afterwards.
  • Long Lasting Candy: Sugary candies certainly have a place on this list, but those long lasting candies (think jawbreakers or lollipops)  are especially harmful. The longer your teeth are exposed to these candies, the more damage is being done.
  • Acidic Juices: Although very nutrition, high acidic juices such as orange and lemon juice can be very damaging to your teeth.
  • Starchy Foods: Foods such as french fries and potato chips can get stuck in the crevices of your teeth and will be converted in to sugar.

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