3 Ways to Spot Possible Cavities

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Cavities are the most common dental problem, and are always a nuisance no matter how many times they’ve happened. Strict oral hygiene every day is essential to avoiding cavities, and maintaining a beautiful smile. Next to attentive oral care, the next best defense against cavities is regular trips to your dentist, who can use x-rays and take an in-depth look at your teeth.

Although cavities are extremely difficult to spot with the naked eyed, here are 3 signs that you could use to detect if you have a cavity.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can be made apparent in a variety of situations, but most commonly when eating something very hot or cold, or when eating sweets. Especially if you have not experienced this sensitivity and pain before, than this could be an indicator of a cavity.

Persistent Headaches

If you find yourself experiencing a sudden onset of a continual headache, this could also be a sign of a cavity. Many of the nerves connected to your teeth are also connected to other parts of your head, which can cause a mild to severe headache.

Bleeding During Flossing

When you are flossing, look for areas that are prone to bleeding—areas where the gum is bleeding suggests that the teeth in that area are not receiving a thorough cleaning, and may be susceptible to cavities. Be sure to floss regularly to make sure that you are keeping your teeth as clean as possible daily.

Of course, none of these signs are substitutes for an inspection from a dentist. If you are worried and think you could possibly have a cavity, set up an appointment with your family dentist in New York.

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