A Better Smile for Wedding Season


It’s that time of year! Wedding season is upon us. Traditionally, Spring and early Summer are the most popular times of the year for Weddings. And whether you’re getting married or simply attending a wedding, there’s going to be plenty of photos- So make sure you do everything you can to get your teeth as white as possible! Here’s 4 tips for a healthier, cleaner smile for wedding season:

  • Brush Your teeth Longer: Most people actually don’t brush their teeth long enough. Many people view brushing as an afterthought, or they’re too tired at night to give their teeth a thorough brushing. Proper brushing will take about three minutes (and remember, brushing longer, doesn’t mean brushing harder, which can damage your teeth).
  • Floss Twice a Week: Flossing is an essential part of your oral health, but it doesn’t need to be done every single day. Flossing twice a week is more than enough to help remove additional plaque and food particles from between your teeth.
  • Have a White Wedding with Bleaching: This one’s especially for brides. You you’ve got all the RSVPs, the beautiful printed invitation envelopes have been sent. What are you forgetting? Be sure to get your teeth whitened before the big day! There will be plenty of photos, so make sure that your smile looks it’s best on your big day.
  • Go Easy on the Sweets: We all know sugar is bad for your teeth, so in the weeks leading up to the wedding, go easy on the sweets. Sugar weakens your enamel, plus sparing yourself some sweets now will make that wedding cake that much sweeter on the big day!
  • Get a professional Cleaning: Believe me, the week of your wedding is going to be very busy. But if possible, find time to schedule a hygiene appointment with your dentist. There’s nothing quite as refreshing as getting a professional cleaning.

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