Top Tips for Finding a Dentist in Brooklyn


So you’re a Brooklynite, going about your business when suddenly you feel a pang in your mouth and you need to see a
dentist fast! Or let’s say you’ve just moved to Brooklyn, you don’t know the area well and you want to find a regular Brooklyn dentist for your bi-annual checkup. Regardless of your reason, if you know you need a dentist and you’re not sure how to find the best, we wanted to provide you with the top 5 ways our patients find us! And, if you’re already convinced you would like to schedule an appointment with Modern Dentistry, give us a call today: (718)-339-6000, or visit us at

  • Ask Friends and Family: If you can’t trust your friends and family for advice on finding a Brooklyn dentist, who can you trust? The top way that our new patients find us is being referred by one of our existing patients. Think about it- If someone close to you says that their dentist is great and you trust their opinion, then odds are you’ll probably go with them. If you’re looking for a dentist in Brooklyn, start by asking your loved ones.
  • Go Online: This is the second most popular way that new patients find Modern Dentistry. Our website ( is full of great information regarding our services (including general, family and emergency dental services) and how to contact us. In this day and age, any good dentist will have a strong web presence. So if you’re considering a dentist and you can’t find them online, you may want to second guess going with them.
  • Check your Neighborhood: There’s nothing quite like taking a stroll around the neighborhood. But next time you’re out and about odds are you’ll probably see several dentists. Feel free to even pop up in and say hello to see if the dentist and the practice is the right choice for you.

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  1. I have a photoshoot scheduled next month, so I was thinking of getting teeth whitening done since I haven’t gotten one in a while. I found it helpful when you told us that a good dentist must have a strong web presence as well, so we should consider going online to look for one. I’ll be sure to search for nearby dentists online so I can call one for an appointment soon.

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