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To our Patients, Friends and Community,

We are so excited to welcome everyone to our new website and blog! With months of designing, writing and editing we finally launched a site that we feel truly represents Modern Dentistry. Our objective is to create an interactive tool for our patients that is easy to use, informative, and most importantly: something that you can benefit from each day.

We have two goals:

1. We’d like you to have full access to us via live chats, email and a quick and easy way of booking appointments- including same day visits! You will also be kept up to date with our latest services and technologies, events and special offers, and all the important info concerning our practice.

2.  To educate and help you maintain and better your health. Let’s face it, unless there is an immediate problem, most people do not surf the web or buy publications about dentistry. So this gives us an opportunity to do the work for you and present to you with the latest news about your oral health.  Whether you are pregnant, anxious about bringing your child to their first dental visit or want to know the best way to maintain those pearly whites, we will provide you with expert advice.

Dentistry today is not simply drill and fill or fixing a painful emergency. Your daily dental care is vital to your overall health. Poor oral health is linked conditions such as chronic heart disease and diabetes, to name just a few. A beautiful smile is also life changing: boosting self-esteem and building confidence opens doors to new experiences, jobs, and a happier social life.

As you refer to and read our blog, we hope to start a dialogue with you. Your questions and comments will help us deliver to you the most beneficial and relevant guidance.

We look forward to your feedback!


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