Prevent a Chipped Tooth


We see a lot of patients come in with chipped teeth due to the foods that they are eating. Sometimes it’s a BBQ rib, or a hard candy, but other times there are food you wouldn’t imagine can cause a chipped tooth. Here’s how to prevent and handle it.

Foods to take with caution:

  • Meat on bone
  • Corn on the cob
  • Ice cubes
  • Hard candy

Protect your teeth:

Take preventative measures with your food if you know they can potentially cause a chipped tooth. For example, cut the kernels off of a corn cob with a knife prior to eating it. Look for boneless varieties of meat.

Slow down when it comes to eating, your teeth and stomach will thank you later. Become aware of what you are eating, and what kind of bites you are taking, take smaller bites, and slow down.

What should I do if I happen to chip a tooth?

Well this depends on how severe of a crack or chip you are dealing with. If the chip is small and is not causing you any pain, you can wait for your next visit to bring it up. We can talk about your options for repairing the tooth then. If you do feel pain, of course it’s best to come in as soon as possible as it will interfere with your daily routine.

Your dental health is a holistic venture, make sure you take care of yourself wholly, and your oral health will follow. If you are looking for a dentist in Brooklyn, our team of board certified doctors and specialists are here for you and your family. Get in contact with us today!

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