No Fault Insurance Cases: Modern Dentistry Has You Covered

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Having trouble finding a dentist to accept your No Fault Insurance? Search no more! Modern Dentistry has accepted No-Fault Insurance for over 30 years. As a workers compensation dentist, Modern Dentistry has extensive experience with the ins-and-outs of handling No-Fault insurance paperwork and reimbursement. Additionally, Modern Dentistry offers a wide range of professional, cutting-edge treatment options.

The No-Fault System

No-Fault insurance tends to cover cases in which the policy holder’s own insurance pays for his or her treatment without proof of fault, but under which the policyholder is restricted from seeking further recovery (of funds, etc.) through any judicial process. Particularly in areas with high numbers of uninsured drivers, this type of insurance policy has benefits, as it assures the policyholder of coverage regardless of the insurance status of the other party in a vehicular accident.The No-Fault system also pays for the treatment of what would traditionally be considered the at-fault driver and their passengers.

Qualitative Verbal Threshold

In New York state, there is what is called a ‘qualitative verbal threshold’ that states a specific category of injuries that can be treated with No-Fault insurance. In regards to treatment, this means that so long as your injuries qualify, there is no maximum or minimum cost required for treatment, or for denial of treatment. Due to an increase in airbag technology and deployments, more and more automobile accidents are resulting in head, face, and mouth injuries, all of which may involve dental work to repair.

Flexibility at Modern Dentistry

Simply due to lack of experience–or unwillingness–many dental practices do not accept No-Fault insurance patients. However, at Modern Dentistry, we feel that every patient deserves the best treatment. We’re committed to serving both No-Fault insurance patients and Worker’s Compensation patients, without the added hassle of excessive paperwork or long, inconvenient travel. If you or a family member is covered by No-Fault insurance and needs any dental procedure or care, please do not hesitate to contact us today and schedule an appointment.

For over 30 years, our accomplished board certified dentists and specialists work together with you to realize a shared vision of uncompromising excellence in dentistry. Contact us today!

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