Modern Dentistry: Specializing in Worker’s Compensation Cases in Brooklyn

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Maintaining the safety of a workplace and its employees is a responsibility of business owners and management. For employees who are injured on the job, worker’s compensation provides coverage for needed medical treatment. In some cases, work injuries can necessitate emergency or other types of dental care. However, due to the extensive and sometimes complicated paperwork and payment issues involved in worker’s compensation cases, dentists will often not treat such cases.

Modern Dentistry is a Brooklyn-based provider of dental care for worker’s compensation cases. The team has several decades of experience with such cases and does not shy away from the complexities of treating patients for their injuries obtained on the job. Providing a full array of dental services from extraction to x-rays to whitening, Modern Dentistry is equipped to handle your work injury case.

Worker’s compensation injuries are not always sudden. In many cases, these injuries develop over time. Common occupational dental injuries include:

  • Dehydration, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Injuries from falls, trips, or even workplace violence can result in chipped teeth or tooth loss.
  • Tooth pressure from working in very high or low altitudes can cause extreme pain and impact crowns, fillings, and dentures.

With the large variety of occupational hazards to dental health, there are few lines of work that are not at risk of such injuries. A work-related dental injury could happen to just about any employee, and 

Modern Dentistry provides the full spectrum of dental services with the best in training, technology, and customer service. Whether you have an existing work-related dental injury or are in a higher-risk line of work, consider making a professional at Modern Dentistry your primary dental provider. Finding a new dentist in the midst of a work-injury crisis adds to an already stressful situation. Make an appointment with Modern Dentistry today. We are committed to providing all the dental services you need.

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