Injured At Work? Modern Dentistry Can Help

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For most of us, being seriously injured at work can mean months or years of financial hardship. Workers’ Compensation covers the cost of some of our medical bills, and a good Workers’ Compensation attorney can often be successful in netting some financial compensation for the emotional distress caused by the trauma of the accident itself, along with the emotional ramifications of being unable to work. Still, the months and years ahead of you can still seem daunting. Furthermore, most dental practices simply refuse to accept Worker’s Compensation cases. workers compensation dentist in brooklyn

Why all the reluctance to accept Workers’ Compensation cases? The answer is simple. These cases are complicated, and dental practices run the risk of not seeing payment for their services. Due to the fact that dental injuries are less common in work related accidents, many Worker’s Compensation claims simply refuse to cover dental health. Add to this the fact that the average dental claim can result in an average of 17 visits a year and insurance companies often try any method possible to avoid covering these injuries. Modern Dentistry cares more about your dental health, emotional well-being, and overall welfare than whether they receive payment in a Worker’s Compensation case–making us your leading Workers’ Compensation dentist in Brooklyn. Call us today and let us demonstrate our commitment to you.

We are dedicated to providing quality care to those in need and are one of the few New York dentists currently willing to take on Worker’s Compensation cases. In fact, this is nothing new for us. We have been providing dental care for Workers’ Compensation cases for over three decades. If you’ve been injured at work–whether it be a chipped tooth or a serious dental emergency requiring surgery–and have suffered a dental injury, Modern Dentistry is eager to help.
Wondering how to get started? File a claim with your local Worker’s Compensation attorney. Bring that claim to your visit when you schedule a consultation with our dentists. We will take it from there. Simple as that.

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