Healthy Teeth and Gums: How Do They Help Your Overall Health?

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A beautiful, healthy smile doesn’t just have an aesthetic value.

Good dental hygiene can have a major impact on your total well-being.  But why is this true, and what are the specific benefits of having healthy teeth and gums?

A Healthy Balance

Your mouth contains an entire array of bacteria, both good and bad. The good kinds help you to pre-digest food, produce organic acids to kill diseases, and control the growth of fungus. However, any overgrowth of any of these kind can lead to serious problems. Practicing proper dental maintenance, i.e. brushing and flossing regularly, helps create a balance in your oral ecosystem.  Issues that can occur when these proscriptions are neglected include tooth decay, lung irritation and inflammation bronchitis, pneumonia, and even bodywide inflammation as the bacteria proliferate and spread through the bloodstream.

Strong Healthy Gums

Well maintained gums are pink and firm, and do not bleed easily. In addition to keeping your teeth in place, gums provide another line of defense against intruding bacteria. Should your gums be damaged in some way, such as through a workplace injury, you can experience bleeding at the site and will likely need to see a workers compensation dentist. Worse than the obvious signs are the effects that cannot be easily seen. Bacteria allowed in through weakened gums can enter the bloodstream, leading to blood clots, increased blood pressure, and even heart attacks.

When you perform routine care of your mouth and teeth, you become familiar with the ‘landscape’. You’re highly likely to notice any changes or new discomfort. These changes are often the only early signs of certain oral cancers, which can be treated if caught early enough. Frequently these cancers occur in non-smokers, so the best strategy is to stay alert and attuned to your mouth’s normal appearance and sensations.

Keep Your Smile Strong

The final benefits of healthy teeth and gums are the most obvious. When your teeth are strong, you are better able to bite and chew food, improving your digestion and reducing the risk of choking. The next time you meet someone with a stunningly bright and even smile, you will know that they are healthy, inside and out! To see one of our dental professionals about how to improve your smile, make an appointment today!

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