Delicious Valentine’s Day Treats even your Dentist can Love!

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It’s that time of year; you can’t go anywhere without seeing red hearts and boxes of sweets heaped up. We’re all for showing the love–but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your dental health. Here are our favorite indulgent Valentine’s Day desserts that won’t sacrifice all your good brushing and flossing work from the rest of the year.

  • Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate has a lower sugar content than milk, white, or semisweet chocolate. So, if you’re going to have a few nibbles from those candy samplers that go around this time of year, stick to the darkest chocolates you can find, and skip the gooey filling that can cling to your teeth.
  • Frozen Banana Faux Ice Cream: Frozen mashed banana totally satisfies a sweet craving without the damage of excessive processed sugars. Add some homemade whipped cream and a fresh cherry on top and you can have even more to smile about!
  • Cheese Plate: Choose to skip the sweet stuff altogether and try a continental dessert option–the cheese plate. Cheeses contain good calcium that helps strengthen teeth, and some research suggests that the lower pH in cheeses can help reduce the risk of cavities.
  • Fresh Fruit: Fruit is never a bad option, but try and avoid the most acidic options like citrus fruits this holiday. As mentioned above, acid in your mouth can contribute to the development of cavities, and citrus fruits are very acidic. If you simply have to have some, pair it with dairy to counteract the acid.
  • Nuts:  The vitamins and minerals in nuts really make a difference for your teeth, like vitamins D and E. Try not to choose nuts that are too hard, or opt for nuts that are already chopped. If peanut butter is your fave, choose an option that doesn’t have any added sugars, or is sweetened with honey.
  • Sugar-Free Treats: It’s not uncommon these days to see sugar-free or low sugar products on the menu of many dining establishments. These can provide the delicious sweetness we crave, without the damage to our smiles.

Remember, you can still enjoy your dessert without sacrificing your dental care. No matter how you celebrate this Valentine’s Day, the best plan is to stick to a routine: brush after every meal, floss daily, and see your dentist regularly.

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