Consequences of Not Getting Accident Tooth Loss Replacement NYC

Consequences of Not Getting Accident Tooth Loss Replacement NYC

There are many reasons why people lose their teeth. It can due to wear and tear as a result of aging, and advancing gum disease, failed root treatments, tooth decay, or accidents. Whatever might be the reason, these are all going to leave gaps behind that will surely have a serious effect on your smile. This will also cause problems because it will be more difficult for you to chew and at times, it will also put some extra stress on your digestive system.

Good thing that accident tooth loss replacement NYC is truly a must. But why is this process really important?

One of the most serious dangers of not getting tooth loss replacement is premature aging and facial collapse because of bone loss. You have to remember that facial bones offer support to the overlying nose, lips, skin, and cheek. These bones’ atrophy can directly affect the overlying structures and lead to premature aging and facial collapse. Just like your natural teeth, tooth loss replacement will be able to help a lot in preventing this bone loss. These will then force the stimulation of bone remodeling or the natural biological process where the bone cells continue to be destroyed then replaced with brand new cells. It will maintain the shape, density, and volume of the facial bones. The bones in the face go through atrophy if not properly exercised or stimulated.

Aside from that, failure to get accident tooth loss replacement NYC may also lead to some speech disturbances. It usually happens once some or all of your teeth are missing or failing. The use of dentures, for instance, can limit the movement of your tongue that will cause impaired speech and phonetics.

When your missing teeth have not been replaced properly, the teeth that remained in your mouth can become weak and even more prone to fractures, infections, and decay. It may also cause periodontal or gum disease. Getting bridges will make flossing impossible or difficult. It can then compromise oral hygiene that will, later on, develop into gum disease. Based on research, people who have bridges or dentures are more susceptible to periodontal disease.

The psychological effects of bone loss and tooth loss are varied and complex that can range from something minimal to something serious like the state of neuroticism. Most wearers of dentures have a feeling that even their social life is negatively affected. Many of them are worried during romantic situations and kissing, particularly when their partner does not know about their oral handicap. With accident tooth loss replacement NYC, there is no longer a need for you to sacrifice even your social and romantic life.

Losing a tooth or teeth is something that should be addressed right away for a variety of reasons. Never let your tooth loss take away the happiness in your life. For accident tooth loss replacement NYC, make sure that you set an appointment with one of the great doctors at Modern Dentistry by simply calling 718-339-6000.

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