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It’s never easy when you’re injured on the job. In most situations, you can rest assured that your workers’ compensation insurance (Workers’ Compensation Dentist >>>) will be there to take care of you while dealing with your workplace-related injury.  However in our 30 years as NYC dentists, one of the most common issues we’ve seen is that often times patients have difficulty finding a dentist who accepts workers’ compensation. In fact, many dentists will flat-out refuse to take workers’ comp, insisting that these cases are too complicated.  It was with this in mind that Modern Dentistry has continued to be one of the few dental practices in Brooklyn that unequivocally accepts workers’ compensation cases.

22797019 m Modern Dentistry — #1 Professional Dentists in Brooklyn Brooklyn's #1 Workers' Compensation Dentist!

Since 1983, when we opened our Brooklyn office nearly 30 years ago, Modern Dentistry has accepted patients who have been injured on the job and need medical attention.
It’s a difficult enough situation when you’ve been injured on the job. You want nothing more than to regain your health and get back to normal life. It’s frustrating to be out of work, even if you have insurance to take care of you in the meantime. Worse yet, now you can’t find a dentist to help you with your medical needs. Modern Dentistry has chosen to specialize in workers’ compensation cases to help our patients in these tough times. Plus, Modern Dentistry is home to several oral health specialists, all under one roof! Why bother having to go from specialist to specialist, when you can get virtually any dental procedure you need under one roof? Plus we offer same-day and emergency appointments.

Have you injured yourself on the job and need to get  dental work done immediately? Modern Dentistry is there for you! So no matter what may be the issue, Modern Dentistry is Brooklyn’s workers’ compensation dentist.

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