Accident Tooth Loss Replacement in the Bronx NY

Accident Tooth Loss Replacement in the Bronx NY

Missing teeth could greatly affect your life for so many reasons. It could affect your eating habits, your speech, appearance as well as your confidence. People who often loss their teeth especially those who have missing front tooth cannot show their megawatt smile or talk with colleagues or friends confidently. A missing tooth could cause premature aging, which means this could make you really look old. Do not ignore your missing tooth as it could cause your entire healthy teeth to fall out too. An accident tooth loss replacement in the Bronx NY could be of great help for restoring your natural looking teeth in no time.

Often, people who lose their natural tooth that is not replaced can cause their remaining healthy teeth to tilt, or drift out of position. It can also cause gum disease that worsen their oral health condition. All of the thirty-two teeth you have work and support each other. Losing one of them can compromise the rest. Without replacing your missing tooth, you could feel real discomfort when you eat or speak. Any tooth loss on accident should be replaced immediately to avoid these problems.

As some of your teeth could be restored, some of it cannot be put back to its socket once it falls out due to cracked root or accident. For instance, your baby milk should not be put back in its socket as it may damage your permanent tooth that is underneath the socket. On the other hand, if your adult tooth is damaged, you can still replant it immediately back in the socket to re-implant the tooth effectively by your dentist. Seek for immediate dental treatment from your trusted Bronx NY dentist to save your tooth. Remember that a permanent tooth should be replaced back in the socket immediately. This is why it is crucial to seek for immediate advice from your oral health professional as every minute counts when you are trying to save your permanent tooth.

You can lose your natural teeth due to accident, severe decay or gum disease but with modern dentistry Bronx NY, you can replace even a severely damaged tooth that you have. Accident tooth loss replacement NY could be done in several ways, including fixed bridges, dentures and dental implants. Dentures or also commonly known as false teeth can replace your missing teeth. Bridges on the other hands are series of crowns that are fixed onto adjacent teeth. Both dentures and bridges do not provide permanent tooth replacement but could restore your aesthetic look. If you want a permanent solution to your lost tooth, you could choose dental implant. Implants are metal posts that are placed to the jawbone. It provides a rock solid support for your natural-looking replacement tooth.

With the help of a qualified accident tooth loss replacement in Bronx NY dentist, you can choose the right replacement treatment option for your missing teeth. Replace your missing tooth today to avoid a series of chain reactions that could further worsen your oral health issues. Call one of the great doctors at Modern Dentistry at 718-339-6000 and make your appointment today.

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