A Healthy Mouth and Healthy Relationships

Mom and Child

Seeing your dentist regularly can help bolster your self-esteem. (Maybe a little teeth whitening treatment too?)

Many of us worry about bad breath, also known as halitosis, when we’re in intimate settings, or even in the workplace. Sometimes brushing, flossing, and mouthwash aren’t enough. Until the underlying cause is addressed by a dental professional, the problem will recur. No gum will fix or disguise a neglected mouth. Only a trained dentist can tell whether halitosis is an aesthetic or a medical issue.

Clean for Them

Teeth cleaning isn’t just to benefit those around us, of course. Even if you don’t plan to be romantic this year, taking the time to treat yourself to a teeth cleaning shows a commitment to your health that is as attractive as a glowing smile.  It also shows financial responsibility, by staying on top of and preventing dental issues from worsening through neglect.

Clean for You

Regular dental care can have benefits beyond your mouth. It can help detect early signs of oral cancers. Good oral hygiene can reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke, meaning you will be able to live a full, active life with your family. Other health issues linked to poor dental health are diabetes, osteoporosis, and respiratory disease, as well as premature birth.

When it comes to your mouth health, think about those you love. Your family, your friends, your romantic partner, and of course, yourself! Make sure you will be able to maintain and strengthen those relationships for many years to come by taking the very best care of yourself: schedule a dental cleaning today!

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