7 Steps to Avoid Tooth Decay


Brush your teeth every morningIt is very important to brush your teeth daily.

Eat a balanced diet many vitamin and mineral deficiencies cause gum disease!

Avoid eating high sugar and/or high acid foods (cookies, candy, and soda) between meals.– Be careful with diet soda, it may not have sugar but it certainly has a lot of acid which is just as bad!

Remember that it’s OK to eat those sweet treats at meal times!It’s not how much you eat; it’s how often your teeth are exposed to that abuse.

Drink water after eating. -Water returns the pH of your mouth to a neutral level so it can counteract the effects of acidic and sugary foods. Frequent sips of water also prevents having dry mouth which could further cause cavities and bad breath.

Brush and floss before bed. -Look at it this way: Your mouth is going to be closed for the 8 straight hours; it’s like an incubator for the bacteria making them grow like crazy.

Get regular cleanings. -You need to have your teeth cleaned every 6 months in order to preserve your teeth and the bone that supports your teeth. Going to the dentist for a cleaning can be a very pleasant experience.

Hope this list helps, and if you need to see a dentist in Brooklyn, give us a call today: (718) 339-6000

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