6 Simple Steps to Help Maintain Your Little Ones Bright Smile

Mom and Child

Help your children with the basics on maintaining their bright smiles


1.  Arrange dentist visits. Schedule regular dental checkups. Then help your children maintain good brushing and flossing habits every day.

2. Block injuries. See your dentist about mouth guards if your children are involved in sports or recreational activities that could cause injuries to the mouth.

3. Cut down on sugary drinks. Urge children to avoid sipping soda, sports drinks and fruit drinks all day long, bathing their teeth with sugar and acids. Pack bottled water in back packs.

 4. Decide on checkup schedule. Make appointments for your college students far ahead of time to get on your dentist’s calendar during Christmas vacations or other school breaks.

 5. Encourage eating right. Talk to your children about healthy snacks and wise food choices from the school cafeteria.

 6. Focus on your own oral health. Set an example by brushing and flossing daily, eating nutritiously, drinking lots of water and regularly seeing your dentist. Help your children with the basics on maintaining their bright smiles.

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