6 Back to School Tips


1. Stay away from packing your child’s lunch with drinks that are high in sugar.  Many sports drinks, energy drinks, sodas, and juices have anywhere between 5-12 teaspoons of sugar in one serving.  The longer this sugar stays on your child’s teeth, the more likely they will develop tooth decay.  Many children do not have a chance to brush their teeth throughout the day, so minimizing the amount of sugar in their lunch can help decrease their chances of cavities.

2.  Pack snacks that are high in protein in your child’s lunch.  High protein foods will minimize hunger, and as a result your child will be less likely to snack all day on sugary unhealthy foods that are found in many cafeterias and on-campus vending machines.

3. If you want to occasionally add a sweet treat to your child’s lunch, try chocolate instead of other candies that are highly acidic and/or are more likely to stick to their teeth for long periods of time.

4. Fall is the time for many contact sports both on and off the field.   Be sure to get a properly fitted mouth guard before trying out for your favorite team.

5. Brush your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste, and once your permanent teeth come in, make sure that you floss, too.  There is less space between your permanent teeth, so it’s harder to get particles out of your teeth with just brushing.

6.  Come in to see us!  Regular dental appointments keep parents and children aware of their dental health, and they are less likely to develop cavities and dental related illnesses.

Hope this list helps, and if you need to see a dentist in Brooklyn, give us a call today: (718) 339-6000

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