5 Ways to Find Your New Brooklyn Dentists


Just moved and need a new Brooklyn dentist? Or maybe you’re unhappy with your old dentist’s service and are on the lookout for a new one? Perhaps you haven’t had a cleaning in a while (possibly even years!) and now you’ve got a toothache that just 3 docs headshot Modern Dentistry — #1 Professional Dentists in Brooklyn 5 Ways to Find Your New Brooklyn Dentistswon’t go away. Whatever the reason is, now you’re on the hunt for a new dentist but you’re just not sure how to find it. Searching on Google can only tell you so much- What you really want is to find a dentist you know you’ll love, and is someone you can certainly trust. So using our combined 50 years experience in Dentistry, we put together this list of the 5 best ways to find your new Brooklyn Dentists:

  1. Go By Word of Mouth: At Modern Dentistry, referrals is consistently our biggest source of new patients. This happens for two reasons: Our patients are very happy about their service and like to spread the word, and when most people go looking for a dentist, they turn to their loved ones for advice. Try asking your friends, neighbors, and co-workers for info.
  2. Be Wary of “sales”: Everyone loves discounts and freebies, but it’s never a good idea to choose a health professional based on cheapness (you wouldn’t go to the bargain basement brain surgeon, would you?).  Some added incentives are great, but make sure you do your research and be wary of dentists offering procedures that are ridiculously cheaper than everyone else.
  3. Look for Experience: Fewer things are a better sign of quality than years of experience. For instance, Modern Dentistry has a combined 50 years’ experience and has been practicing dentistry in Brooklyn in the same office for nearly 30 years. Experience means that a dentist knows what they’re doing.
  4. Ask for a Free Consultation: A free dental consultation is a great way to meet your dentist and get a feel if they’re the right person for you.
  5. Consider Convenience: Make sure your dentist is easily accessible by public transportation, or if you’re driving, that there’s plenty of on-street parking. It’s part of the reason why we offer free transportation for our older patients who may have a difficult time getting around.

There you have it- Five tips to find your new Brooklyn Dentists. If you’d like to learn more about finding a new dentist, or you’re interested in setting up a free consultation with Modern Dentistry, please Make an Appointment, or give us a call today: (718)-339-6000. P.S. don’t forget to ask about our Lifetime of free teeth bleaching kits for all of our patients!

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