4 Steps to a Whiter Smile By the Holidays


Tis the season to whiten your smile! With the holidays right around the corner, as well as the candy, red wine, sweets and treats that can stain your teeth that come with this time of year. Before the office holiday parties and the visits to the in-laws, this year give yourself the gift of a beautiful, bright smile. Here are the 4 easy steps to getting your teeth their whitest:

  • Keep Hydrated: One of the simplest way to keep your pearly whites bright is to remain hydrated. Drinking enough water serves two purposes, it flushes your mouth of harmful bacteria (be sure to try to drink after enjoying some holiday candy!) and it helps keep your mouth from drying out, which can harm your teeth too. Also, be sure not to drink too much alcohol as it will dry your mouth as well.
  • Easy on the Sweets: Peppermint candy canes and chocolate coins! It’s impossible to avoid traditional holiday candy. But you can reduce the harmful effects of sugar. High sugar snacks will negatively effective your teeths protective layer of biofilm, which prevents staining. As tough as it can be this time of year, avoid sugar in excess.
  • Schedule a Professional Cleaning: A quick, relatively inexpensive and painless dental hygiene appointment will remove tartar buildup calculus deposits from the surface of your teeth, and leave you feeling clean and refreshed. Click here to schedule a hygiene appointment for the holidays, or give us a call today: (718) 339-6000
  • Get Your Teeth Whitened: A simple teeth whitening kit will give you a beautiful smile just in time for the holidays! And at Modern Dentistry, we offer free teeth whitening kits to our patients- For Life. That’s right, as long as you’re a patient with Brooklyn’s Modern Dentistry, you’ll be getting a free teeth whitening kit every time you visit. So how can you get a free lifetime of teeth whitening kits? Well first thing is schedule an appointment. Give us a call today to get a whiter smile by the holidays: (718)-339-6000.

Happy Holidays from Modern Dentistry!

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