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The Facts About Mouth Guards

A mouth guard can be made of plastic, or a type of laminate material. It helps to protect your teeth, cheeks, tongue, and gums against activity that may injure your mouth. Types of Mouth Guards to Choose From: Stock Mouth Guards These are usually found in sporting goods stores. Due to their stock quality, they […]

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How To Help A Child Not Brushing Teeth

Good habits are taught. As an adult, you may know you need to keep up with your oral hygiene, however, children need that extra push in order to ensure lifelong oral health. Kids can refuse to brush their teeth for a variety of reasons, here’s how to help eradicate bad habits, and instill good ones: […]

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Why Dental Care is Important to Your Whole Body Health

  We all want to have good oral hygiene, but usually for cosmetic reasons, or because we want to avoid the pain of cavities and gum abrasions. These are legitimate reasons to keep our teeth and mouths clean and healthy, but there are even bigger concerns that should be motivating us to engage in routine […]

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