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Basics of Oral Hygiene

Taking care of your oral hygiene means: Your teeth don’t have any food in them Gums are soft pink and not in pain Your breath doesn’t smell bad Your team at Modern Dentistry can help you learn good oral hygiene techniques. How do I practice healthy oral hygiene routines? Maintaining good oral hygiene is one […]

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How Much Calcium Do You Really Need?

Your body needs calcium to maintain a healthy body. It is common knowledge that the body needs calcium for the bones and teeth, however, calcium is imperative for the health of your muscle and nerve functions. Calcium is also very helpful for your blood health. The effects of good calcium levels are far reaching, beyond […]

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Does My Emotional Health Affect My Teeth?

Stabilizing and maintaining your emotional health can be a challenge. In today’s society we face pressures that are coming in from all different paths. Even people who claim not to be emotional people are affected by emotional challenges, not showing emotions doesn’t mean the emotions are not there, it means that person is suppressing their […]

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